Our positive electricity transforms our communities into virtual power plants

Our positive electricity transforms our communities into resilient blocks

Our positive electricity transforms our market volatilities into revenues

We are an Advanced Electricity Community Developer, a 100% local and clean electricity service provider.

We assess, aggregate, finance and develop existing and new distributed clean electricity assets across communities. Once connected, these flexible assets become Virtual Power Plants where members can take advantage of the market volatility by selling their electricity at tactical prices. Community Electricity is committed to decarbonizing, digitizing and electrifying our neighborhoods while transforming them into Advanced Electricity Communities.

Utility Business Evolution

Past Utility Model

Current Utility Model

Virtual Power Plant Utility Model

Control, Flexibility, Speed, Transparency, and Security

Our Community Operating System enhances the value of flexible, local, and clean electricity assets while transforming our communities into Virtual Power Plants.

Bottom line: monetize grid-edge data to benefit the community while decarbonizing cities at scale.

Community Electricity Plans and Services

Join A Virtual Power Plant

If you have solar PV or own any residential, commercial, or retail real estate: we retrofit, finance, and connect your new prosumer asset into a Virtual Power Plant for you to start making money through multiple programs available. We also co-develop Virtual Power Plants in new communities.

Join A Community Solar

Our community solar provides homeowners, renters, and businesses equal access to solar energy generation’s economic and environmental benefits regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of their home or business. By including energy storage in the community solar, you will become a virtual electricity market participant.

Join A Carbon Offset Marketplace

This innovative approach provides our community members the opportunity to participate in your community’s decarbonization. If you own solar PV, an electric vehicle, or a fossil fuel vehicle, you can buy or sell Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), while creating rewards or offsetting pollution.

Join An Electric Vehicle Co-op

Our EV Co-op gives community members the chance to become car-sharing service providers: a driver, an EV charger host, or a fleet manager. We provide you with different options to participate while we generate and share value.

Our innovative software, hardware, and blockchain network seamlessly aggregates clean and flexible electricity assets across communities.

The technology is built on top of an open-source digital infrastructure to make asset & customer digitization streamlined, efficient, GDPR / CPA compliant, and make asset participation in wholesale and/or local energy markets simple.

Community Electricity Grid Services

Demand Response

Our Virtual Power Plant members aggregate and control their electricity consumption based on price signals from the power markets, offer advanced grid services, balancing and handling flexible loads.

Electricity Trading

Our Virtual Power Plant members aggregate and control their electricity consumption based on price signals they will be able to trade the markets taking advantage of its volatility.


Our dispatching software for scheduling flexible assets is based on real-time dynamic market prices. Real-time signals can significantly increase revenues.


Our software will provide our members to react to negative electricity prices or imbalances and automatically shut down assets within seconds using the control system of the VPP software.

We committ to electrify, digitize, decentralize and decarbonize our communities from the bottom-up.

We start our decarbonization and electrification efforts on the most polluted and vulnerable communities. These Environmental Justice Communities refer to the areas throughout California which most suffer from a combination of economic, health, and environmental burdens. These burdens include poverty, high unemployment, air and water pollution, the presence of hazardous wastes, and a high incidence of asthma and heart disease.

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We envision hyper-connected resilient communities able to share locally produced clean electricity while decarbonizing our cities

Communities of the future will become hyper-connected digital networks composed of prosumer nodes that decarbonize and enhance real estate value collectively while converting our communities into the new Virtual Power Plants of the future: a new social, environmental, and economic fabric, a platform for the next generation to thrive.


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