– Our positive electricity transforms our Real Estate into Virtual Power Plants

– Our positive electricity transforms our EV Infrastructures in additional source of revenues

– Our positive electricity transforms our community grid into a digital and efficient network

We use a data-driven protocol to transform neighborhoods into clean electricity micro-utilities service providers: Community Virtual Power Plants

Community Development Protocol

Our App

Our app will educate and guide our community members to become Virtual Power Plant Microgrid participants in a few simple steps.

Residential Program

Our Virtual Power Plant Microgrid programs allow homeowners to become resilient electricity and carbon market participants with no up-front costs.

Commercial Program

Our commercial Virtual Power Plant programs allow portfolio managers or retail franchise owners to aggregate their portfolios into Virtual Power Plant Microgrids, generating extra revenues from their underutilized assets.

Community Solar Program

Our Community Solar Virtual Power Plant program allows anyone to generate their own clean energy, whether you rent or own.
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EV Mobility Program

Our Electric Vehicle Co-op offers community members the opportunity to co-own and operate a community EV Delivery service. This is an innovative way to produce extra revenue, part or full time!

Real Estate Developers JV

Our innovative Joint Venture programs integrate real estate and Virtual Power Plant development expertise with the common goal to co-develop the new low-carbon, resilient and transactive real estate model, creating the Virtual Power Plant Microgrids of the future.

Renewable Energy Credits Marketplace

Our carbon marketplace participants will directly buy, sell or invest in Renewable Energy Credits “RECs” by using our innovative blockchain matching system.


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"My neighbor; my partner"