Our positive electricity transform our communities into Virtual Power Plants

Our positive electricity transform our communities into Resilient Blocks

Our positive electricity transform our market volatilities into Revenues

Our Protocol

Our data-driven Community Electrification and Decarbonization Protocol uses a blockchain middleware: a self-regulated plug & play platform in which different electrification assets, super nodes and pollution sensors are connected while creating edge benchmark data derived from all the components connected. The upgrade of the protocol version occurs when a new type of asset is connected to the middleware or when an asset from another geographic position is plugged-in. This approach creates multiple interoperable data of each asset while providing a detailed performance of each component as well as the overall protocol performance and impact in real time.

An easy way to integrate any energy producing asset from any location with a single API, while aggregating efficiencies across the network, resulting in monetized value.

Protocol Version 2.0

A data-driven middleware built to standardize the decarbonization and electrification of the real estate and transportation sectors across cities.

Our Approach

Community Policy Making
Community Education
Community Resilient Microgrid

Our third approach to community resiliency is to implement a community microgrid, in case of emergencies and power outages. Community Microgrids can be implemented on campuses, stadiums or extreme weather threatened neighborhoods. Microgrids are designed to operate and generate electricity, connected or disconnected from the main grid.

Community Carbon Engagement
Community Assessment

Using an interactive community design platform built on top of the largest set of publicly available granulated energy and pollution data, provides us with accurate community assessment, powered with benchmark data to start the community regeneration in which the most pollution is present. At this point, we have the data needed to design the proposal for our target community regeneration.

Community Workforce Development
Community Smart Solar

Our Community Solar protocol component provides homeowners, renters, and businesses equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of their home or business. Our Community Solar implementation provides access to solar for all, including low-to-moderate income customers most impacted by a lack of access, all while building a stronger, distributed, and more resilient electric grid.

Community Blockchain Backbone

In order to record the aggregated efficiencies across the community network, we use a Blockchain Backbone; a Plug & Play middleware in which all the decarbonization protocol components (assets/nodes) are Plugged into the middleware. These super nodes mine the data at the place of origin allowing smart meters, solar inverters, battery controllers, distribution grid control systems and all the super nodes in the network to use their on-board computing power to route the value to markets as well as to solve edge-of-grid problems that happen too fast for centralized grid control systems to manage.

Community Engagement

We use a hybrid approach for community engagement; a deployment of community spaces in which people have the chance to see the proposal of the community vision and regeneration. In these places, people will be guided on how they can become part of the local electrification and decarbonization efforts, as well as how to vote to support the proposal. These Pop-Up spaces will be in high foot traffic areas across the community. Here, members can download and learn how to use the App in order to become “prosumer electricity market participants”.

Community Virtual Power Plant

The fourth component in the protocol is the development of a Community Virtual Power Plant (VPPs). By using this approach, asset owners will become producers of electricity that provide advanced grid services to utilities and help them to manage complexities concerning rollout of pricing, demand response and distributed energy resources, ISO/wholesale market participation and distribution management.

Community Mobility Grid
Community Operating System

Our Platform

The platform is built with three interdependent layers:

1. the network layer is powered by super nodes with a cyber security hardware architecture.

2. the blockchain layer that mines the data at origin from smart meters, solar inverters, battery controllers, and distribution grid control systems, creating efficiency and value across the network.

3. the control layer, where a Community Operating System orchestrates all the nodes, routing the value produced to markets. Here we solve granular grid-edge problems that typically happen too fast, without the visualization needed for centralized grid control systems to manage. Here, we enable advanced grid services such as hedging between local and regional energy supply.

Our Community Operating System will feature applications that flow across the value chain: peer-to-market trading, metering & billing, market settlement, green certificates and carbon trading, grid management, IoT and asset management, demand-side management (DSM), and mobility and charging payments.

Global Blockchain in Energy Market Anticipated to Reach $6.29 Billion by 2024.

Moving from Big Data to a more efficient distributed Edge Data owned by people


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