Community Electricity has developed a data-driven electrification and decarbonization protocol using distributed energy resources (DERs), while leveraging blockchain technology to optimize the value of granulated data at the edge of the grid. The system incentivizes community members to collectively create wealth across cities.

Bottom line: monetize grid-edge data to benefit the community first, while decarbonizing cities at scale.


All cities are experiencing different levels of pollution. The term Environmental Justice Communities was established by the EPA to identify communities that most suffer from a combination of economic, health, and environmental burdens. These burdens include poverty, high unemployment, air and water pollution, the presence of hazardous wastes, and a high incidence of asthma and heart disease.

2000 +

There are over 2000 Environmental Justice Communities across California and equal or more across other cities in the world

50% +

Over 50% of the California utilities are Environmental Justice Community customers

800bb +

The American Jobs Act has pledged that 40% of the 2 trillion budget goes towards decarbonizing Environmental Justice Communities

6bb +

California Cap & Trade allocates over US $ 6 Billion dollars to decarbonize Environmental Justice Communities since 2012


We use a data-driven decarbonization protocol – a new social and economic community system. This new social network approach is designed to empower community members towards clean electrification resulting in multiple collective gains, including quality of life improvement and economic benefits derived from the sale of locally produced electricity and carbon attributes. In order to record the aggregated efficiencies across the network, we use a Blockchain Backbone; a middleware in which all the decarbonization protocol components (assets or actions) are recorded creating an Impact Index to accelerate the scalability.


We have designed the first prototype of an electrified community at scale. Our product is called “Advanced Electricity Communities”. They are collections of buildings and distributed energy resources (DERs) that incorporate integrated energy management systems at the multi-building scale. The most innovative feature of these communities is to incorporate central controls (or intelligence) enabling communication to and from the grid for optimized and coordinated operations and dispatch.


Community Electricity is an advanced electricity community developer; a digital 21st century micro-utility that designs, finances, builds and manages community solar, EV mobility, virtual power plants, microgrids, telecommunication and community operating system. A key innovation – the first in the industry – is interconnecting the systems to a blockchain middleware to certify and mine data at the point of origin on behalf of its customers.


Environmental Innovation Zones are platforms designed to ignite innovation across the Disadvantaged Communities across California, with the goal to serve as the road map and game changing plan for urban decarbonization for the entire nation and beyond.

These innovation enterprise platforms will proof the value of the electrification of the real estate and transportation sector as well as demonstrate with real time business cases the value of the digitalization and decentralization of the electrical distribution system. The goal of our innovation zones is to showcase innovation, create value across sectors while collectible decarbonizing our cities therefore improving the quality of life for all.


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We envision hyper-connected resilient communities able to share locally produced clean electricity while decarbonizing our cities.

Communities of the future will become hyper-connected digital networks composed of prosumer nodes that decarbonize and mine data to benefit the people through a reward system.

We are creating a new social, environmental, and economic paradigm; the platform for the next generation to thrive.

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